How you can help #DumpBannon


1. Find out who represents you

Find out who your Senators and Representatives are: them

What to say when you call

Hello, [staffer's name], my name is [your name], I am a constituent of [name of your representative] from [your city/ district]. I am calling today to express my concern for President-Elect Trump’s pick for the White House’s Chief Strategist. I would like [name of your representative] to speak out boldly against the appointment of Steve Bannon, and to refuse to work with the transition team until he is removed from staff. Thank you.

Alternatives to calling

Talking on the phone can be stressful. Not everyone has a way with words and would rather take their time laying out their thoughts on paper. This is an excellent strategy too, as handwritten letters are most closely associated with elderly voters (a highly coveted, high-voting demographic). Writing to your local paper can not only help influence public opinion but is sure to be noticed by your representatives as well. Lastly, an in-person visit to your representative's office is as direct and bold as you can be. Treat people with respect and think before had about the most direct and polite way to express your opposition to this appointment.